Verification Form

Personnel Records Verification

   RECORD VERIFICATION Are required for all employees whose positions require additional training beyond RT-130. 

What records will be verified this year VIPR Agreements

  • Engine Personnel
  • EMT/ Paramedic
  • Fallers

Note: On EMT/Paramedics & Fallers we are NOT verifying level of qualification, only verifying that they have had the Basic Firefighter Course and if appropriate the current year RT130 if the Basic Firefighter Course was taken in a previous year, and that they have a current pack test for the year.

How do I submit my records?

⭆ You may submit your records via USPS or electronically via Email. If emailing PDF format is required.  

Address: PO Box 974/921 Applegate St Philomath, OR 97370

⭆ You may schedule an appointment to bring your files in person. If your files are not in order you will pay an hourly fee for the inspection (a minimum of one hour will be charged).  

NFTCA Office will have 3 inspectors in our office taking electronic inspections submitted and in person appointments. Contact 866-929-7802 to make an appointment to come by our office.

We do have inspectors available in Dallas, OR and Ashland, OR taking appointments. Please contact the inspectors directly for those appointment.  

Northern Oregon: John Barbour (located in Dallas) -
Southern Oregon: Mark Sayles (located in Ashland) -

If you have a large number of employee records (25 or more) you may make an appointment with the office for an in-house inspection. This will be billed by the hour including travel costs. These appointments must be made with the office and paid for in full prior to the appointment and a minimum will be required.  

Records Inspection Rates

(contractor required to submit a completed inspection form with file):
Free:  if the employee being inspected received current year training with NFTCA
$15:   all others (a reduced rate of $10 for the returning records)
$30/hr: if the file comes in w/out a completed form and in an unorganized fashion (1hr min)

If you have any questions, please contact our office at: 866-929-7802