NFTCA History

NFTCA is a national recognized wildland fire training and certifying company. Our primary goal is to provide the very best training to better prepare those individuals who put their lives on the line to protect our lives and property and natural resources.

The training standards for NFTCA have been modeled after the National Wildfire Coordinating Groups (NWCG) standards. All requirements for NFTCA instructors and Training will meet or exceed the minimum standard.

NFTCA has been training providing top notch training since 1992. We train approximately 2,500 firefighters per year throughout the region.

NFTCA uses one of the most secure fireline qualification and carding systems in the country. NFTCA is proudly affiliated with the firefighting program at Chemeketa Community College.

Our professional wildland fire trainers do not have any wildland contracts with any federal or state agency that would create a conflict of interest.

NFTCA can provide training for Basic Wildland Fire Fighter (FFT-2), Squad Boss (FFT-1), Crew Boss (SRB), and Strike Team Leader (STL).

Not only does NFTCA provide quality wildland fire training, but we also provide other classes such as, First Aid/CPR, HazMat & HazWoper training, structural fire training and confined space.

NFTCA maintains a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the PNWCG, ensuring that our classes are actively monitored by the NWCG and meet or exceed their training standards.

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