• Food and Water Storage
  • Power
  • Home Safety
  • Weapons
  • First Aid and Activities

Don't be a victim. SURVIVE! NOW'S the time to be prepared.

Are you and your family fully prepared to survive a natural or man-made disaster? In a spilt second, your world could be turned upside down for months, even years. Would you know what to do? The average American does not. It's crucial you're prepared for your families safety. Learn from Survival Expert John Berger. He gives you step by step, easily understandable, practical instruction for all kinds of situations. It's produced for everyday people. Helping you make crucial choices in surviving in your home during an emergency. You'll learn about food and water storage, power, home safety, weapons, first aid, even activities to do. Everything you need to know to survive a disaster.

ABOUT JOHN BERGER - Survival expert John Berger has an extensive background and training in all aspects of emergency response, fire fighting and hazardous materials response. Administrative Fire Captain, Battalion Chief, Training Officer - California Dept. of Forestry, Orange County, CA Fire Dept., Wildland Fire Instructor, Community College Instructor, President and Chief Incident Commander for a hazardous response team, President and Lead Instructor, NFTCA.

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